Saturday, June 18, 2011

My First Official 5K

Over the past year I have started to run, I'm still not very good but I'm making progress. Last year Jolie, Ted and myself ran in what we all thought was a 5k. However, according to the GPS it was only 2.7 miles and was not officially a 5K. So a few weekends ago Matt, Jolie, and myself put on our running shoes in hope of attending my first 5K. We decided to run in the Afflicted War Heroes 5K, which the profits went to helping families go overseas to see their wounded soldiers. This was a really fun event and the race took us next to the Jordan River, so it was as peaceful as you can be when you are running. I am still hoping to hit that runner's high I always hear about but it hasn't happened it. I actually finished 5th in my division! Now how many were in my division, who knows but I'm choosing not to think about that. Anyways, here's some pictures of us before and after my first official 5K. I am now trying to convince myself I can tackle a 10k but it seems so long!

Jolie and I before the race

The three of us getting pumped up

After the race with our cool new shirts

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I haven't posted anything for a loooong time, so I'm sorry about that. Matt and I were so busy this summer that it flew by entirely too fast and now it is already winter. I can't even believe it! This semester I am taking a graduate class up at the and it has definitely been keeping me busy. I am not currently in a graduate program but thought this class looked extremely interesting. The semester is almost over, so I'm looking forward to getting my house organized and ready for the holidays.

With my birthday coming up, it has me thinking. I can't believe I am going to be 28 years old. It doesn't seem that long ago when I was in high school, or moved away and started college. I was hoping this birthday was going to come and go without the mini crises I seem to encounter. Which doesn't make sense because I am extremely blessed with many things in my life, a great husband, loving family and friends, and I love my job. So why am I freaking out??? I guess life is just too fast and it would be nice to put the brakes on, once in awhile.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Stay safe and warm.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What Metabolism?

I was warned growing up that one day my metabolism would slow down but it seemed so far away and I often thought to myself that won't happen. Well that "blessed" day has come with a vengenance. Shouldn't your metabolism speed up as you get older? When you are younger and in school you have PE classes and are constantly on the run. So whatever calories you do eat they are usually gone by the end of the day. I would eat pizza almost everyday and not gain a pound. So it seems unfair that when you are older and don't have a PE class frequently that suddenly your metabolism begins to fail you. Now it looks like watching what I eat and increasing the exercise routines are in the cards to fight back.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Awww the Joys of Home Ownership
Matt and I are loving our house but lately it seems like every week there is something new to put money towards. A few weeks ago we had a horrible wind storm and our storm door didn't close properly the night before. Well the wind got under it and slammed it into the brick. After that it wouldn't shut properly anymore, so Matt pulled it off the hinges to see if he could repair it. The entire door was bent!! Then a couple days later the wind came back and blew our grill across the lawn and into pieces! That was a project not worth investing into, so we had to throw it away. Next our printer decided to stop working and had ink all over the inside. Luckily Matt was able to clean that up and get it to start working again. Although, not even ten minutes after he fixed the printer we discovered that our washer was no longer spinning. LOL...poor Matt, good thing he took a break from school so he can be Mr. Fix-It. They say things come in threes and that is four, so I'm hoping we are done for awhile.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

We Love you Sadie

Well it's been quite the rollercoaster the last few months, so I apologize I have not updated this earlier. As you know we added Sadie to our family at the end of February. Soon after we got her she began coughing, which we expected to happen. We got her at the Humane Society and they warned us that she would probably come down with Kennel Cough. So when we noticed that she was coughing frequently, we headed off to the Vet to get some medicine for her. Well they confirmed it was probably Kennel Cough and set us on our way. The following week, Roxie started coughing and since Sadie was contagious I hauled Roxie to the Vet to get some medicine. A few days later, Roxie was acting more alert and not coughing as often, however, poor little Sadie was getting worse by the minute. So Matt and I decided to take her to the Vet again. They took x-rays of her chest and discovered she had a horrible case of pneumnia and felt it would be in her best interest for them to put her in an oxygen chamber and keep her overnight. We agreed to let them keep her in hopes she would make a much faster recovery with them then at home. The next evening she had some improvement but the Vet was still worried, so they stuck an oxygen tube down her nose to help her get direct oxygen. They kept her for 3 nights and then let us take her home on the fourth day with strict instructions and LOTS of medicine.

Sadie continued to improve as the days went on and we were so happy to see her puppy side again. She was no longer just laying around the house but up and about irriating Roxie by herding her everywhere she went and chewing everything around her. We were so excited to see her energy and alertness increase over those weeks. We finally gave her the last of her medication and took her back to the Vet for a final examination. It was good news all around, the X-rays showed hardly any pneumnia in her lungs and her behavior was definitely that of a puppy. The Vet wanted us to give it one more week without her medicine before we would be able to unrestrict her activity. The following few days she was active and extremely playful. I even saw Roxie and her playing in the backyard once or twice.

A few days later, she took a turn for the worst and began coughing and having trouble breathing again. So I called the Vet AGAIN and ran down there to get some more medicine, we all believed her pneumnia had resurfaced. We kept up with the medicine for the next week but Sadie didn't seem to be improving. Matt and I wanted the medicine to run it's course before going to the Vet again but the following Saturday we noticed something we couldn't ignore. While I was petting her, I noticed that her hair was coming off in clumps and her skin was covered with red scabs. We both felt that this couldn't be a good sign and immediately called the Vet, which asked us to bring her down. Once we got there her breathing was extremely labored and they took her immediately into the back to give her oxygen. They worked diligently to try and get her breathing back to normal and figure out what was going on. They retook x-rays, only to discover the pneunmia was completely gone. There should be no reason why she was struggling this much. The Vet felt she might have asthma or be suffering from allergies since the weather had been improving the last few days. He also mentioned that her breathing could be caused by scar tissue from her pneumnia but wanted to try this course of action first. So again we took her home to watch her and prayed for improvement. Over the next few days she seemed to be improving alittle but it definitely wasn't a vast improvement.

When I got home Tuesday night I did my routine of giving her medicine to her and then fed her. A little while later, she threw up her food but I didn't think too much of it because the medicine had been making her have stomach problems. A bit later in the night she just started randomly barking and then it turned to cries. Her breathing became extremely labored, her tongue turned purple and her eyes were glazed over. She was in so much pain she couldn't walk and every breath was painful. We called the Vet and he was nice enough to meet us down at the clinic late that night. Once we got there the Vet informed us he didn't believe she was going to get better. He felt she had scar tissue in her lungs and it was making it very difficult for her breathe. At that point Matt and I had to make an extremely difficult decision and had to put her to sleep. It was the only way she was not going to suffer anymore.

Even though Matt and I did not have her very long it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Those of you that did not get the privilege to meet her, she was an extremely sweet girl who gave kisses and loves to ever person she met. I'm sad that she wasn't able to lead a long life and I honestly don't know how much she was able to experience in the short time she was on this Earth. I do know she made Matt and I laugh a lot with her cute quirks. She would chase her tail and once she caught it, watch out!! She would wrestle on the floor with it in her mouth, determined to be victorious over her sworn enemy.

A few weeks ago she ran out of the garage as the door was shutting. I ran down the street chasing her but honestly was no competition. Suddenly, there was a car driving down the street and she felt it necessary to chase it and bite at the tires. I thought for sure she was going to get run over but luckily the car stopped. Well she felt that she was victorious and stood in front of it like it was a show down. I had to go grab her and tug her back to the house, which was no easy feat, she thought it was a game and rolled around in the middle of the street. Finally I had to just pick her up and carry her the rest of the way home.

Even though things didn't turn out like any of us had hoped, I'm glad she was part of our lives even if only for a short while. We love and miss you Sadie. I hope you have plenty to chew on and lots of mud to play in.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big News

Since Matt and I have lived in our new house we have gotten a lot of comments on how we need to expand our family. We told everyone that we needed to get settled in first before thinking about adding another family member. Well with me getting a different job, I am not working as many hours and have a much calmer schedule these days. So a few weeks back we really sat down and had a serious discussion on if we were ready for a new challenge. We decided that now is the perfect time to make our family bigger!
We got another dog!! :) LOL...sorry I couldn't resist.
Here are some pictures of our new addition. A couple Saturdays ago we dropped Roxie off to get groomed and they were having an adoption. We decided to go check out and the dogs and see if any would be a good fit for us. We definetely weren't expecting to find one but we did. She is this sweet, 8 month old, Border Collie that was a ball full of energy. She LOVES people and wants to love everyone. Well everyone expect poor Roxie, the two of them are still trying to get used to the idea of having the other around. They are making progress though, so here's hoping they eventually like eachother.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A New Chapter...

Well are you impressed? If not you should be, it has been less than a month since my last update!! I know that I am definitely impressed. Now that I have padded myself on the back I will go back to the recent news from us. I recently got a job working at the University of Utah as an advisor and started this week! I'm extremely excited about this opportunity and so far am really enjoying the job, as well as the people. Last Friday was my last day at UCC and while I was sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful people, I could not pass up an opportunity to work at the U. The commute is a bit long but on Wednesdays and Fridays Matt and I are able to commute together because he doesn't have school. Today was our first day commuting together and it was quite enjoyable. We were able to go to lunch together and see eachother a lot more than other days. I really believe this is the right move for me.

In other news, Matt and I spent last weekend up in Park City. Things were extremely hectic around our anniversary last year so we weren't able to really celebrate. We decided that last weekend would be the perfect opportunity to do just that. We have been going to Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse every other year and decided we would do that again. So we got all dressed up and went to dinner and then just spent a nice relaxing weekend together.
Oh yeah if you are wondering what happened with the Hyundai, for now nothing. The Health Department said they would keep the complaint on file and as long as we don't get anymore complaints we don't need to do anything further. This means the Hyundai will not be driven in Draper, especially on his bad days. :)